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Gigavent Vent Control Used In Greenhouses








The vent control is NOT suitable for use at temperatures exceeding 60C (140F).
The window or lid must never be LOCKED while the vent control is installed.
Once the cylinder (= the rib tube) in the control has been removed, then the window may be locked.

(see fig. 1)
1. Cylinder
(= rib tube). Installation : see below
.2. Piston rod
(= silverfish solid rod sticking out of the cylinder).
3. Spring and shock absorber
May be turned all around / facing the other way !!
4. Fitting brackets
May also be turned around / facing the other way
5. Shaped arms
(v-form, each with 3 locks, see below at pos. 8)
6. Straight arms
7. Relief bolt
for installation assistance (but to be removed
before fitting the cylinder in the same spot)
8. Locks
named A B C for deciding the opening height

Positioning your cylinder

I at the wall / outside the vent-opening: see fig. 2+5
II inside the ventilation opening: see fig. 4+6

Opening height / lifting power
pos. A = 48 cm lifting I S kg see fig. 1 pos.
B = 40 em lifting 22 kg see fig. I pos.
C = 30 cm lifting 30 kg see fig. 1
The window MUST be able to move freely up to the chosen height. If not, both the window and the opener may get damaged.

Weight of the window
Usually the vent control carry half the weight of the window, while the other half rest onto the hinges. Meaning that if a window weighs up to 30 kg, it may be open end up 48 cm (use lock A), and a window weighing up to 44 kg may be open end up to 40 cm (use lock B), or if a window weighs up to 60 kg it may be open end up to 30 cm (using lock C).

Fitting brackets / options
Can be turned in the most favorable direction with regard to fitting it onto the frame + sill.

Adjusting start-opening
Twist the cylinder (= rib-tube) on until 1 cm (1/2") of its own thread is still visible. If the start-opening temperature is not as desired, you may twist it a bit further. One turn = 0,5C/1F, and turning clockwise = earlier opening start, while anti-clockwise = later opening start. Adjustable anywhere between 17 og 25C.

Having more than one vent control in the same house/ room ? Please notice, that the temperature may vary significantly within even short distances - f.i. between floor and ceiling, between sun and shadow, between close at a window and in the centre of the room.

Grease ALL moveable connections + the piston rod at least once a year using acid free oil or teflon spray.


1. Firstly you will have to choose in which direction you want the spring/shock absorber - and later the cylinder- to face (see fig. 5+6). If it does not by delivery face in the desired direction, then you yourself can undo it and turn it a 180 (see fig. 2 + 3 + 4) before refastening it.
2. When reassembling you will have to choose which of the 3 locks (A-B-C) to use for fastening the arms (= deciding your opening height).
3. Now it is time to hold the control up against the place where you want it to be installed.
4. Turn the relief bolt (relieves the spring load during .4 installation) until the arms all by themselves stay in the desired position for being fastened. Now the brackets can be fastened to the frame and the sill (see fig. 5 + 6), while the window or the lid is kept closed. Notice : the arms closest to the window should be parallel to it (see fig 5 + 6).
5. Now it is time to install the cylinder (rib tube), but this cannot be done until the relief bolt has been removed. If the cylinder is warm already (or has .5 been warm), then the piston rod has started moving outwards. You then need to open the window/lid by hand, just enough for the cylinder thread to catch the thread inside the spring/shock absorber!

Our customer service staff can assist you in selecting the proper accessories for your unique needs.

The extra big (strong) hydraulic cylinder makes the opener capable of lifting very heavy items of up to 60 Kg/130 lbs. In spite of its extreme strength the Gigavent is designed to take up as little space inside as at all possible.

Gigavent can be assembled in up to 24 different ways. The vent comes with a hydraulic damper (shock absorber) + a powerful closing spring. By strong winds the damper + the powerful spring will reduce the flutter of the window/vent/skylight if being open, which minimizes any possible damage to the vent and the opener.

Extra strong opener
with a damper to prevent the vent/window from being ripped open by strong winds. Usable for heavy windows.

Easily adjustable in 3 positions for different lifting height and different lifting forces making it suitable for multiple tasks. Gigavent is using a special hydraulic cylinder.

The black Gigavent cylinder has 12 external protruding fins all along it length for improved heat absorption = improved and faster reaction to changes in the temperature in the surrounding environment.

Product characteristics :
  • Winter storage:Will endure frost – but if you leave it outside for the winter DON'T block the window/vent. Even a midwinter sum has enough power to try to open the vent opener.
  • Uniqueness:Cylinder having protruding fins - improved heat transfer
  • Materiel:Aluminium
  • Opening force:Up to 30-15 Kg (66-33 lbs) equals a tophinged window of 60-30 Kg
  • Opening length:Position1: 30 kg / 66 Lbs Position 2; 44 kg / 97 Lbs Position 3: 60 kg 7 132 Lbs
  • Operation area:Start at 17-25C (63-78F)
  • Max open:Fully at 30-32C (86-90F)
  • Closing force:2 Kg = 4.5 Lbs
  • Sizes:125 inch