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Roof Vent Frames Used In Greenhouses




Achieve the maximum ventilation possible on hot and humid days with a high tunnel roof vent!

  • This unique roof-installed ventilation system provides a chimney-affect movement of hot air out of the tunnel.

  • Vent is constructed of a durable 8mm clear polycarbonate twinwall panel on a sturdy aluminum frame that measures
    30" x 17". (Actual inside opening is 28" x 15".)

  • Vent opens and closes automatically within preset temperature ranges.

  • To maximize ventilation, the vent should be installed as high on the roof as possible.

  • We suggest a vent be placed approximately every 15-20 feet to reach the ultimate effective roof ventilation.

  • It is recommended the cylinder from the automatic opener be removed during the winter months.

  • Installation of panel may require some field framing to support panel if used in a non-rigid panel installation.










The High Tunnel Vent is installed from the inside of the tunnel. (Instructions are included with each vent). Slits are made in the plastic so that the vent can be inserted and positioned on the outside of the tunnel. To prevent water leakage, be careful not to cut the slits any larger than the aluminum frame of the vent.

When the vent is in place, insert the bent wire (wiggle wire, wire lock) into the channels on each of the four sides. (For the first installation, the job is easier with a second person.) After installation, trim the plastic so that there is about a 2-inch flap beyond the wire inserts.

To maximize ventilation, the vent should be installed as high up on the roof as possible. The present recommendation is to place a vent about every 20 feet to realize the most effect.

Did You Know? When a window you are trying to open with a univent solar vent opener weighs 33 pounds, the weight (15 lbs) rests onto the opener and the other (15 lbs) onto the hinges.

i.e. A vent window is usually hung with aolar opener and a pair of top hinges.

Therefore, (7 Kg is not exactly = 15 lbs   but = 16 lbs.  And 2 x 16 lbs = appr. 33 lbs).
The exactly measure is 7.5 Kg x 2.2 = 16.5 lbs x 2 for hinges+opener = total 33 lbs.

Not everyone is aware of the difference in weight on the opener compared to the weight of the vent. This is the reason why the lifting rate is shown as 15 lbs., when the oppener can actually raise a 33 pound window when the window itself is attached to a frame by hinges. 

SO : the 33 lbs is the correct figure

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